Extend Your Marketing Reach & Boost Sales with Facebook Messenger.

Video training course contains:

    • valuable and relevant marketing strategies aligning with the modern web environment in today's marketplace (about 45 min.)

    • cloud hosted so there's nothing to download, you simply login and start watching

    • MP3 version download

    • PDF transcript download

    • worksheet to help you achieve your goals

    • additional resources for various third party tools

Each course is priced at $35 individually although when you proceed through checkout you will be offered bundled pricing for all 5 courses in either Vol 1 or Vol 2 depending on which volume your course is within for $105 (it's like getting 2 for free) and then another upsell for all 10 courses in Vol 1 and Vol 2 for $210 (it's like getting 4 for free).  To clarify, if you choose to upgrade through the checkout process, you will only be charged for the pricing of either all 5 courses within a Volume or all 10 courses within both Volumes.  There are no hidden surprises and all pricing has been kept low and value bundled to help build trust with WEBPRENEUR GURU.

60% Affiliate Commission Opportunity

To make this even more awesome for everyone (purchasers and non-purchasers) there's a 60% Affiliate Commission Opportunity for all courses within Vol 1 and Vol 2!  Once you sign up as an Affiliate and get approved for one course you will automatically become an Affiliate for all individual courses and the upgrade bundled courses.  Affiliate cookie is set for 30 days.  Affiliate commissions are paid through PayPal instantly!

The only thing to keep in mind is that although you’ll receive Affiliate commissions on the upgrade bundles if your referral purchases, each video course has its own sales page.  So you’ll want to promote each course (sales page) with your affiliate links in a sequence or cycle.  This actually makes it cool because each course has a different topic and gives you a multitude of things to talk about on social media, blog etc..

Affiliate Program is Managed with ThriveCart:

Click the 'Join Today' button to sign up as an Affiliate for the 'Passive Income Building' course and you will automatically become an Affiliate for all individual courses and upsells once approved.